localrewards.ie is an exciting new way to support local businesses and jobs while getting rewarded by those same businesses!

Use your localrewards card whenever you shop, collect points and then redeem them for a range of rewards.
localrewards.ie works with your community association to help your local community and at the same time you get to take advantage of a range of fantastic rewards that are only available in your community. It's a way for local business to say "Thanks" for your custom and help build a vibrant community at the same time.

Helping communities thrive.

localrewards.ie helps businesses, consumers and communities alike...

Communities need local businesses and jobs if they are to thrive. By providing an incentive to consumers to shop locally localrewards.ie can help keep money and jobs in the community.

Consumers do not need to carry multiple cards to access the Reward Programs of all their local businesses. They get rewards unique to their community. Our advanced system also allows them to protect their points online!

Business have access to an advanced Reward Program Management Sytem that helps attract repeat business while providing the tools to reduce costs. Because they can focus their Rewards on regular customers they can reduce the pressure on their margins while transaction reports help focus their advertising more effectively.


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